"Unique Foods of Italy" Gift Basket

Ambrosi & Sons

The Path Less Travelled 

This basket is a special collection of unique food items that can be hard to find, even in Italy. Discover new ways to satisfy your craving on family dinner night, and dive into an undiscovered Italy with these specialty products. 


  1. Rustichella d’Abruzzo Squid Ink Pasta
  2. Senatore Capelli Organic Orechiette
  3. Sogno Toscano Spinach Gnocchi
  4. Giachi Dolcolio Delicato EVOO
  5. Ritrovo Red Wine Pasta Sauce
  6. Ritrovo Balsamic Pasta Sauce
  7. DeCarlo Cime di Rapa
  8. La Dispensa di Amerigo Pasta Sauce
  9. Pistacchiosa Sicilian Pistachio Spread
  10. Marabissi Panforte
  11. Ritrovo Organic Flavored Balsamic
  12. Anfosso Sundried Red Pesto
  13. Amarena di Cantiano Cherries
  14. Mugolio Pine Cone Bud Syrup
  15. Mieli Thun 250g Honey
  16. DeCarlo Artichoke Spread

Shipping Information

All orders are fulfilled with UPS Ground Shipping and are confirmed within 48 hours. Since many of our products are sourced from artisan producers, we sometimes run out of inventory. If this happens, we will substitute items of equal quality and value.