Giuseppe Rainoldi Rosso San Gregorio Nebbiolo 2018 750mL

Giuseppe Rainoldi

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Rainoldi is Valtellina's Nebbiolo. The wines of Rainoldi glorify and honor the local culture, yet strive to innovate and improve, to diversify and offer a selection of high quality wines.


The winery was founded by Giuseppe Rainoldi in 1925, in the suburb of Casacce, near Chiuro in Valtellina, and was named after Giuseppe's son. Valtellina is a mountainous valley that stretches from East to West in Nothern Italy. It is the second largest area in the world for of Nebbiolo. Here, the vine variety Nebbiolo - locally called Chiavennasca - can offer scented, highly elegant and ageable wines.

Alpi means Alps—the mountanous chain in the North of Italy. Retiche means Rheatic, the portion of these Alps in Valtellina close to the Swiss border. This side of the Alps enjoys a complete southern exposure that is ideal for winemaking.

Rainoldi strives to produce top quality wine that respects both family tradition and the environment. Each parcel is harvested based on its altitude in order to maintain perfect ripeness, and is vinified separately in a newly-installed, high-tech winemaking cellar. Due to the extreme steepness of each parcel in Valtellina, grapes are hand-harvested and then carried out by helicopter.

Aroma rich in hints of flowers and fresh berries. In the mouth it tastes well-balanced, fragrant, particularly drinkable.

A versatile wine that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or matched with starters, first courses and young cheese.