IASA Colatura Anchovy Extract 100mL

IASA Colatura

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One of the most treasured and special ingredients of Campania is colatura di alici. Its roots date back to ancient Rome where it was known as garum. The deep brown elixir is made by hand, using only anchovies and salt, and without adding any preservatives. Colatura is the liquid obtained during the 12-month anchovy curing process. The resulting extract is then aged for three to four years in oak wood barrels before being filtered and bottled. Colatura is rich with the flavors of the sea and of high-quality anchovies. It is an umami powerhouse and one of our secret weapon ingredients—a few drops have the ability to completely transform a dish.

Colatura is a versatile ingredient and it can be used with pasta, fish, meats, vegetables and bruschette. It is important not to add any salt to the recipe and we suggest adding Colatura little by little until the desired flavor is obtained. 

Anchovies, salt, water

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