Laudemio Frantoio di Santa Tea EVOO 16.9oz

L'Oro di Toscana

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In the Middle Ages Laudemio was the best part of the harvest, the part reserved for the lord’s table. The Laudemio of the Gonnelli family, tuscany oil producer since 1585, is obtained in the old Frantoio di SantaTéa, inimitable expression of the fruit, the place and touch of the producer who gave it life. Production area of the olives:
according tothe specifications of Consortium Laudemio.
: italian native varieties.
Period of harvest:
October – November.
Processing times:
10 hours after the picking.
Cleaning olives:
removal of stems andleaves using patented machines and oliveswashing with purified water.
a continuous airtight cycle,under nitrogen. Extraction at a controlledtemperature (cold extraction) in absence ofoxygen.
pure cellulose.
at a controlled temperature instainless steel containers, in absence ofoxygen, under nitrogen.
: automatic under nitrogen withbottle cleaning and automatic level control.
non-refillable cap.
intense fruit of fresh olives.
Taste harmonic, elegant with a strongsensation of fresh olive and tomatoes notes.
Color emerald green.
Recommended on:
excellent on risotto andpumpkin flan and artichokes.