"Pasta Dinner" Gift Basket

Ambrosi & Sons

Pasta, It's what's for dinner!

Our Pasta Dinner Gift Basket is perfect for those looking to experience an authentic Italian Pasta Meal right at your dining room table. DISCLAIMER: Be prepared to host Family Dinner Night every weekend after people try your meal... 


  1. Bruschetta Crisps
  2. Sclafani Pasta
  3. Sclafani Biscotti
  4. San Benedetto Sparkling water
  5. Sclafani 8oz marinated mushrooms
  6. Sclafani Red & Yellow Roasted Peppers
  7. Sclafani Pesto
  8. Sclafani Marinara 16oz
  9. Sclafani 14oz peeled tomatoes
  10. Sclafani 6.5 oz artichoke hearts
  11. DeCarlo mini EVOO
  12. Loacker 2
  13. Cheese triangles 2


Shipping Information

All orders are fulfilled with UPS Priority Shipping and are confirmed within 48 hours. Since many of our products are sourced from artisan producers, we sometimes run out of inventory. If this happens, we will substitute items of equal quality and value.