Pastificcio Tanda & Spada Fregula Sarda Tostata Fine 500g

Pastificcio Tanda & Spada

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Tanda & Spada pasta is produced in Sardegna with select raw materials, slow processing times, bronze extrusion and static drying at low temperature to obtain a quality product.


Color: straw yellow, void of black points and abnormal colors.
Taste: Typical tasting, mild and pleasant. Absence of acid and/or rancid smell, smell of mould, of grass and/or any extraneous or excessive odour.
Consistency: al dente after cooking.
Appearance: typical homogeneity, granules uniform in size. At the sight it must not present large impurities, lumps, bran part, large black spots, insects, fungal mycelia, parasites, mites and woodworms.


Cooking indications: 1 l of hot water, 100 g of pasta, 10 g of salt

Characteristics after cooking: Elasticity and consistence, absence of stickiness, good consistency during cooking.

Cooking time: 10 Min. al dente cooked