Tempesta Artisan Salumi Sopressata 4.5oz Chub

Tempesta Artisan Salumi

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Tempesta's Pork products are made with 100% heritage pork. They are never given antibiotics, no growth promotants or hormones, and always vegetarian-fed. ‘Nduja Artisans Salumi and Tempesta Artisans Salumi are hand made, the true artisan way. The old world Calabrian-style salumi are produced locally, just outside Chicago, using only Minnesota and Iowa-certified 100% Berkshire pork, humanly raised on family farms, without antibiotics or hormones and always vegetarian fed. Chefs worldwide prize “Berkshire pork,” also known as Kurobuta, for its rare, characteristic marbling, which consistently produces a meat with superb tenderness, moisture and flavor. Gluten Free.