Zardetto Prosecco Rose DOC 2020 750mL

Ambrosi & Sons

Carefully sourced from select vineyards in the Prosecco DOC region, in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The soils are mainly clay based, with some gravelly spots close to the main rivers.

Tasting Notes
Exuberant, lively and fragrant on the palate. Refreshing acidity well balanced with fruitiness to create full, enveloping and almost creamy sensations. A modern trendy aperitif for discerning palates and a versatile companion to a variety of foods

Food Pairing
Zardetto Prosecco DOC Rosé is the ideal companion of every joyful cheers with friends. At the same time, it is perfect with avocado and shrimp’s salad, cream cheese tarts and raw shellfish.