Meet Our Family

Ambrosi & Sons is the passion project of the Ambrosi Family- Rudy, Michael, and Alex. With family hailing from Carisolo in the Dolomite Alps of Trentino, and from Sardinia’s coastal Calasetta, the Ambrosis grew up spending time (and eating) with friends and relatives in Italy. It was in this time that they got to know the authentic tastes and high-quality foods of Italy and gained a life-long appreciation for them.

This appreciation for artisanal, unique, and regional Italian specialties encouraged the Ambrosis to create Ambrosi & Sons and help bring those special foods to more Americans and their families. Ambrosi & Sons works with some of the finest Italian importers in the world to provide their customers with the best olive oil, balsamic, pasta, sauces, sweets, tomatoes, cured meats, and much more! Ambrosi & Sons is also committed to providing the best gifts for foodies, gourmands, or anyone who wants to try “Unique Foods of Italy.” We offer a collection of gift baskets ranging from sweets, to pasta dinners, and everything in between, perfect for real estate closings, holiday gifts, birthdays, or any special occasion. We also offer a selection of recipe boxes, perfect for learning how to make a simple, delicious Italian meal.

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Now Available: Knife Sharpening

We are fully qualified to sharpen your knives & blades. With 5 family generations of expertise in this trade, we provide the best in knife sharpening and exchange services for all the various blades you use in your restaurant & home kitchen. We use specialized commercial machinery to bring our blades to a razor sharp edge, setting us apart from the competition.