Acetaia San Giacomo Organic Lambrusco Wine Vinegar 500mL

Ambrosi & Sons

Acetaia San Giacomo produces all of their vinegar by an ancestral method that dates back 5000 years to Babylon. It is the slowest method and completely natural (no heating or forcing in any way)!

The vinegar begins with a an organically certified Lambrusco wine. The wine is placed in open topped barrels with a large surface area touching the air. A thin biofilm of acetic bacteria converts ethanol into acetic acid VERY, VERY slowly (with no mother). It takes 9 months to a year JUST for the acetification (industrial methods require 24-48 hours, “wood shaving” method requires 3-5 days). Once the Lambrusco becomes vinegar, it is NEVER diluted with water. The vinegar is pure and unpasteurized.

This vinegar has fruity notes, with a deep and clean taste- not just acidity!!

Try it in salads (together with a good EVOO and salt), as a base of a vinaigrette, or mixed with honey and spices for BBQ.