Bonomelli Chamomile Tea 14 bags 1oz

Musco Foods

The great Bonomelli tradition dates back to 1908, when Luigi Amedeo Bonomelli started the production of liqueurs and syrups. Over the following years the company began experimenting & developing the drying of the Chamomile Flower & dedicated its focus in 1940. Bonomello Filtrofiore uses all the parts of the Chamomile Flower resulting in a relaxing, pleasant effect on the entire body. Chamomile is one of the safest and most widely-used herbs, originating from a daisy-like flower. Tea made from chamomile flowers is praised for soothing upset tummies and calming jangled nerves. To prepare a perfect cup of chamomile tea, let the tea bag steep in boiling water for between 3-5 minutes !