Frescobaldi Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL

Frescobaldi Laudemio

Gold Medal, Medium Intensity
New York International Competition 2020

Bronze Medal, Medium Intensity
Los Angeles International Competition 2020

Serving Suggestions: “The perfect finishing oil; think of it as your Tuscan ketchup! Pour generously over anything green such as kale and arugula salads. Imagine the explosion of flavors when using to make a Caesar salad dressing! Drizzle over steamed romanesco broccoli, creamy cannellini beans, and chickpeas. This glorious bottle takes centerstage when serving sliced grilled steaks.” - Rolando Beramendi

Tasting Notes
Matteo Frescobaldi describes his family’s oil: “A unique and robust extra virgin olive oil. The 2019 harvest is the benchmark for classic aromas of Tuscany: scents of freshly mown grass, followed by artichoke heart and green olive notes. The flavor is remarkably balanced with a notable bitterness, sparkling spiciness, and a long-lasting fruitiness."

Over 30 Emerald Green Harvests
Frescobaldi’s Laudemio continues to be a true testament to its lineage. It is crafted from the purest cold-pressing of perfectly whole Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino olives from the family’s property in the hills surrounding Florence. Frescobaldi selects only the finest extra virgin olive oil to become Laudemio.