Giachi Dolciolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL


The harvesting of olives is done both manually and mechanically and only olives from the Chianti area are used; riper olives are also picked in December to give a softer, more delicate flavour. During olive picking, meticulous care is given to hygiene, because quality comes not only from the land, climate and variety, but also from clean picking and handling with care. Pressing is a ‘must’ within 12 to 24 hours, to protect the integrity of the olives and avoid abnormal fermentation.

Cold pressing is done in frantoio, to conserve the full, original flavour. The oil is then kept in a cool place and cotton-filtered – before distributing onto the market – to prevent any natural deposit that might otherwise alter the original quality over time.
Visibly limpid, this oil is slightly golden yellow with warm, green hues; its aroma is elegant, rich in subtle green tones of freshly cut grass, and fragrant hints of sage and field balm. Ample and smooth to taste, it comes with notes of artichoke, wild cardoon, and sweet almonds.

We recommend it for seafood salads, fish carpaccio, vegetable soup, first courses with shellfish, fish soups, grilled white meats and fresh cheeses such as mozzarella.