Giusto Sapore Olives Stuffed with Blue Cheese 10oz

Just RYT Foods

Giusto Sapore’s Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives features a creamy, gourmet blue cheese hand-stuffed into each Italian green olive and marinated in oil.
Each olive is delicately handpicked by local artisans to ensure premium quality.
Conveniently ready to serve, our blue cheese stuffed olives pack a unique combination of Italian flavor.
Carefully packaged for optimal freshness and beautiful presentation.
Perfect for an antipasto platter, savory snack, fresh salad, or to use as a garnish for a cocktail.
Giusto Sapore’s Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives are home-grown, handpicked and delicately stuffed with gourmet blue cheese to create a perfect, savory bite. Each savory, ready-to-serve bite will deliver an authentic taste of the Mediterranean.