Giusto Sapore Spicy Garlic Cloves in Oil 10oz

Just RYT Foods

Hailing from Italy, Giusto Sapore’s award-winning Spicy Garlic Cloves in Oil features our whole garlic cloves that are marinated in spicy chilis and oil, adding an extra kick of flavor and heat.
Each batch is infused with a carefully curated blend of herbs and spices to create a true Mediterranean flavor.
Carefully packaged for optimal freshness.
Conveniently ready to serve, our marinated garlic cloves are an easy add-on to enhance any meal.
Perfect for an antipasto platter, on salads, or as a side dish.
Giusto Sapore’s Spicy Garlic Cloves in Oil are infused with a delicious assortment of spicy and savory condiments offering an authentic taste of Italy. Every batch is carefully seasoned, marinated and packaged to ensure optimal flavor and freshness. Our garlic antipasto is the ideal complement to any meat and cheese board or to enhance your favorite dish.