Marchesi di San Giuliano Organic Orange Marmalade 460g

Marchesi di San Giuliano

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Made with the Sicilian bitter orange—also known as Seville orange—this marmalade has an intense, penetrating and almost spicy flavor. Spread it on crusty pieces of toast or use it in a tart. Alternatively, mix it with red pepper flakes and vinegar for a delicious chutney to accompany any grilled meat.

The San Giuliano marmalades are estate-grown and handcrafted; the fruit growing and the production takes place entirely on the San Guiliano estate. The recipe for their marmalade has remained unchanged for generations. They are made entirely by hand in small batches using only the finest freshly picked fruit. The oranges are first sliced and marinated in cold water overnight. The next day, the fruit is slowly cooked down and sugar added. No thickeners or preservatives are ever used. The high proportion of fruit, combined with natural ingredients and strict production standards, ensure that San Giuliano marmalades have a traditional taste and texture.