Masseria Mirogallo Hot Pepper Jam 120g

Ambrosi & Sons

One bite of this Hot Pepper Jam will ignite your taste buds, fire tingling and numbing your lips before culminating in a sweet finish. We recommend first tasting it with the tip of your teaspoon and then venturing further if you’re a heat seeker!

Masseria Mirogallo mixes freshly picked Peperoni di Senise (the same sweet peppers that are used to make Cruschi and Pepper Composta) with super-hot Diavolicchi Peppers according to a family recipe. The crushed fresh peppers are cooked down together in a pressure cooker with only sugar and a splash of lemon juice until thick. The jam is strained through a sieve to remove any possible remains of pepper seeds or skins, then placed in jars.

The confettura di peperoncino screams to be paired with all types of cheese: creamy ricotta, soft robiola, aromatic gorgonzola, sharp pecorino, and more. The jam's sweet heat is the perfect complement to any rich, fatty meat: spread it onto crackly, crunchy porchetta sandwiches or pair with Italian fennel sausages; lightly brush onto smoked bacon; dollop onto fried chicken. It would be delicious used as a dipping sauce for fried shrimp or southeast Asian spring rolls. Try it in sweet applications—lightly drizzle over vanilla gelato or use as an accent for flourless chocolate cake. Be as adventurous as you wish!