Masseria Mirogallo Termiti Olives in EVOO 270g

Ambrosi & Sons

If you eat one, it will be difficult to resist eating the entire jar. Firm to the bite with a meaty flesh, they have an exceptional briny, olive flavor enriched by herbs and spices such as fennel seeds, oregano, and bay leaves, plus a spicky kick from peperoncino.

These whole Termiti olives are grown by the Belfiore family on their farm in Matera, in the heart of Basilicata. The olives are harvested just as they are beginning to blush, from mid-September through mid-October. We love the fact that no colorants or dyes are used to unify their hue, putting the olives’ varying shades of purple, green, and black on full display. After being sorted and washed, the selected olives are cured in a brine of just water and salt, during which time they undergo the process of lactic fermentation. After 90 to 120 days, once the olives have lost their unpleasant astringency and become savory and crunchy, they are drained, washed, and jarred alla Contadina (“peasant style”) in the family's own extra virgin olive oil.

Enjoy straight from the jar, one by one. These olives are an integral part to any antipasto platter. Fill a bowl with Termiti Olives and another with Danieli Taralli (try dipping un tarallo in the flavorful olive oil!) and serve alongside sliced salumi and Mirogallo preserved vegetables. Dot focaccia dough with olives before baking. Be mindful of the pits (it would be a shame to waste any of their delicious meat by pitting them)!