Masseria Mirogallo Tomato Sauce with Artichokes 9.9oz

Masseria Mirogallo

This satisfying sauce is a perfect symphony between tomatoes and artichokes. The balanced sweet and acidic tomato passata is harmoniously blended with pieces of slightly bitter artichoke and fresh garlic.

The farm's vine-ripe tomatoes are picked at the perfect point of ripeness and consistency to ensure unequalled color and flavor. The tomatoes are blanched for a few seconds to remove the peel, passed through a mill, sieved and then set on colanders to drain until they achieve just the right consistency.

Suggestions for use: Heat in a saucepan for at least 4 minutes. Drain pasta before it is al dente, mix with the sauce over high flame and serve immediately. Also delicious spread over warm focaccia or bruschetta. For a perfect aperitivo, try topping pizza bianca (plain pizza) with the sauce, sprinkle with ricotta salata, and bake.

To enjoy this superb sauce at its best, keep in the refrigerator after opening and consume within five days.