Mieli Thun Tuscan Wildflower Honey 28g

Mieli Thun


a honey closely linked to its land of origin, as its name indicates, reminding us of the beauty of a land known the world over for its environmental legacy and botanical variety. the specificity of the honey comes from its production area, in the low hills of the township of capalbio, with the mediterranean sea just a few kilometers off. the plant life is typical of the mediterranean. in the spring the brassicacee bloom, especially canola, and the orchards and drupacee are among the first flowers available to the bees. legumes follow the rhythm of the seasons, especially french honeysuckle, then it is the turn of the acacias and wildflowers, followed by sunflowers and compositae. the season concludes with eucalyptus and sticky fleabane, which is also called woody fleabane because of its shrublike structure, which makes it more drought-resistant than most other plants.the bees aren’t picky, they plunder everything available, and we collect the honey at the end of the season, a truly precious natural blend.


with salt-free bread and extra virgin olive oil for breakfast, pecorino cheese and autumnal vegetables, kale, broccoli raab and bitter chicory, leeks and onions.

in the kitchen

the local specialties are its favorite pairings, it serves as a base for sautéing vegetables in acqua cotta, in marinades with garlic and spices for game, especially wild boar, or with a good black pepper on grilled lamb.