Monta Mare Mullet Roe Bottarga 1.76oz

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Bottarga is salted dried fish roe, a delicacy that dates back to ancient times. This is a savory pantry staple recommended with vegetables, grated over starch or grain or risotto, or enhanced with a squeeze of lemon and good olive oil.

Like Parmigiano-Reggiano, it’s good way to add savory richness to dishes. It is a recommended alternative to cheese on pasta-seafood dishes.

This easy to use jar of grated bottarga, Bottarga di Muggine, has so many uses including a dusting over soft or scrambled eggs, a garnish for deviled eggs, or a treat on plain rice. It’s divine with pasta dressed with lemon, garlic, red pepper flakes, and extra virgin olive oil, a recipe for pasta con la bottarga!

Best used as a finish — when plating or at the table. It adds salt and umami to your dishes.

Refrigerate after opening for the best preservation.