Tenuta di Capezzana Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL

Tenuta di Capezzana

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Rolando of Manicaretti raves: “Capezzana 2020 is unreal drizzled over fresh sheep’s milk ricotta and burrata. Steam potatoes and in place of butter, whisk in lots of Capezzana olive oil until you achieve the perfect, fluffy texture of mashed potatoes—serve alongside thinly-sliced roast beef."

2020 Harvest Notes
This classic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil blends four typical olive cultivars: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, and Pendolino. Although we are told that color is not a measurement of quality, the ultra-bright green color of the 2020 Harvest will elicit many delighted gasps. This elegant oil has aromas of green almond, verbena, and chamomile. On the palate the flavors and texture are very clean, redolent of mild, delicate herbs such as fennel fronds, dill, and watercress.