Planeta Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP Sicilia 17 fl oz


The PLANETA olive grove extends for over 240 acres in the Capparrina district, a natural oasis of great beauty, and slopes towards the sea. The varieties of olives cultivated at Capparrina come from a local tradition; Nocellara del Bellice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola. The harvest takes place early at the beginning of October. The olives are picked by hand and processed within a few hours at the press located in the centre of the olive grove to ensure the best tasting result of the PLANETA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL SICILIA IGP.

What makes this product special are several steps of the production process from the growing of the olives to the selection and the pressing of the olive oil. The oil must be produced from at least 90% Nocellara di Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola olives and up to a maximum of 10% of other typical varieties such as Giarraffa, Santagatese and Ogliarola Messinese. All processes following the olive harvest, from crushing to packaging, must take place within the selected territory of the DOP. The olives must be crushed within 48 hours of picking and resulting yield in oil must not exceed 22% of weight the collected olives. The oil produced must conform to precise analytic parameters, and is examined by a specific commission that will in addition do tasting tests and decide if the oil is accepted as the DOP. The independent certification body CERMET makes frequent tests at the places of production and on the products, verifying their complete conformity with the regulations of the DOP Val di Mazara. The commission and the consortium for the protection of the DOP then make further tests and verify that the Extra Virgin Olive oil DOP Val di Mazara is completely guaranteed in its quality.

Tasting notes for the Planeta IGP Olive oil: Low acidity, smooth texture & fresh flavors of green tomato, artichoke & lemon with a peppery finish. All together the Planeta is an amazing oil. Just this past year alone, Planeta DOP Val di Mazara has been given many awards for its outstanding flavor and production techniques.

Serving Suggestions: Perfect for finishing hearty vegetables, rich meats, salads and potatoes.
Storage and Handling: Keep at cool temperature, sealed, away from sunlight. Best used within a year.