Rizzoli Anchovy Fillets in Spicy Sauce (Famous Recipe) Tin 3.17 oz


Rizzoli Emanuelli has an ancestor, Tosi & Rizzoli: the latter opens in 1871 in Piedmont, in a city that at the time is Italian leader in the processing of fish preserves. Turin is located on the ancient Salt Road that connects it with the Port of Genoa, where the oily fish packed in wooden barrels arrives from, and where Luigi and Emilio Zefirino Rizzoli meet Romeo Tosi. But it is in the heart of the Emilia region that the tomato processing industry is making great strides and bringing with it a functional railway system and fast communication routes: seeing the potential of the area, Tosi & Rizzoli moves to Parma in 1892.Rizzoli makes great stride during the years and become one of the most important companies in the sector with their anchovies in spicy sauce as the flagship product. Its recipe is not written down, but passed down orally to the family’s first born. He or she are the only ones to know the ingredients, amounts and cooking times of the sauce that, once prepared, is aged for six months in numbered wooden barrels that previously contained Marsala wine. Today, with awards for innovation and packaging as well as for the impeccably prepared products where the fish is still cleaned by hand as is the testing for when the anchovies have matured and are ready for packing. It is this attention to detail as well as history that keeps Rizzoli in the position of the best canned fish producer in Italy for generations.